Tuesday 29 March 2022

Actual Size May Be Larger Than You Think

Eileen - that's a good idea. I feel like making some loose pyjamas or pyjama bottoms and they should be easy. I shall have to make time or this time next year I 'll be back on complaining that I'm still scared of the sewing machine!

I ordered some fence panels. I may have miscalculated. I thought they would be great for the honeysuckle to climb and provide shelter for the sparrow squadron. I got three 6ft x 5ft panels which are chunky. I cannot put off dealing with the garden any longer. I've put it off for today, but tomorrow I shall have to get out there in the health sleet. They look a little like this.

It's been a funny sort of day. I've been too tired to think, but I've still been too awake to nap. Hopefully some serious garden work will sort me out. I need to work out where to start, drag stuff around and generally figure things out. 

None of the panels are secured. I hope that they don't get nicked!

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. That trellis just what I have been looking for and exactly that size. Where did you get it from please?

    The loose fitting pyjamas will be a good first project but think carefully about your fabric choice. If you use stretchy fabric (like t-shirt type fabrics) it can get tricky sometimes so check YouTube for hi yes

  2. We did quite a lot to our garden yesterday, so much that today we had to have a day off! But it looks as though we have done something as this is a new garden to us.. and your trellis panels looked too big to be stolen. Good gardening tomorrow.

  3. I need to get out in the garden but it's been so cold the last few days - well below freezing. The most 'outside' I've been managing is a walk and even then I'm all bundled up like it's February.

  4. Those look like very sturdy trellis panels! They will be good for the honeysuckle. :)