Saturday 26 March 2022


Sharon - thank you. I don't really worry about what I look like as I'm either at home, in the car or walloping at speed around a supermarket. I think I need to raise my game.

Eileen - one day I will learn to dressmake. Before then, I need to get over my fear of the sewing machine! It's still cheaper to buy (the cheap stuff) than make, but I'm not sure how much longer that will last. 

Today we went to the theatre. We went to see Clue at the Grand Theatre in Leeds, for the Saturday matinee. It was awesome. It was wonderfully funny with people belting in and out of doors and just missing each other and being murdered in strange circumstances. The timing was immaculate. We all loved it. I didn't get many pics, because it feels bad manners to take pics in a theatre, but I got a poor one of the stage before it started. 

And they had opera glasses for us in the cheap upper circle seats - for £1

The view out of the ladies seemed very Dickensian and Victorian.

And the whole place was incredibly highly decorated, like this, but a lot of the paint was chipped and scuffed. It looked like it needed a good clean and a major renovation.

Bear has to comment on a play he has seen that isn't a musical or Shakespeare for his drama GCSE, which is why I was scrabbling around for something suitable at the last minute and found this. I'm glad that I did. 

And now we are all tired. I am so unused to going out to anything that it took me by surprise and I'm ready to fall asleep. We are looking at doing something similar again as a family, because we had such fun. I'm going to go out of my way and see if any amateur productions are coming back as they can be the absolute best. 

I also picked up a small book on British birds on the way from the car, and I hope to get use out of it with all the traffic at the bird feeder.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Are you aware of the online theatre on demand options? There is a really good selection but I'm not entirely sure how much would be suitable for, or of interest to, Bear. It's a good cost effective option for a family but not really the same experience as seeing it live in a theatre. Worth a look though.

  2. Sounds like a fun afternoon!

  3. dressmaking isnt hard and as a teen with a larger body i used to make loads ...anything was better than the crimpelene Evans offerings. nowadays the jumbles supply most everything at a rich price of 20p and 30p an item though bigger sizes arent very common