Thursday 31 March 2022

I Do Not Approve of the Weather!

Eileen - thank you. The metal trellis will look amazing. I really need to get on with the projects. I'll share if I manage to get anything done.

Cherie - I bet it will look amazing and I'm hoping that it will be full of flowers, bees, bugs, sparrows and life in general. Thank you.

I woke up this morning to this. Before I even had a mouthful of food or drink I was out with a long handled soft brush knocking the snow from Red

On the school run, bear and I compared ideas on whether a car had been in a garage, had been cleaned off before driving or was just randomly shedding snow. The drive wasn't too bad, apart from the cars randomly shedding snow. It was lovely and sunny (briefly) when I got home and I settled down to some writing stuff.

When I was sorting out some stuff this evening, I noticed that the snow flakes had melted into droplets on the step. I don't think I managed to catch how beautifully the light caught the droplets. It looked jewelled. It's just water droplets on a stone step, but it looked exotic.

Bear's cough is back and he is sounding quite rough. He doesn't look too bad in himself, which is why he got as far as school today, and he wants to protect his 100% attendance record. He has taken a covid test and it isn't that, but the poor kid is full of it. I've spent an evening listening to him cough and splutter. 

It is supposed to be icy tomorrow. I am not looking forward to that!

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. It does look more winter-like than spring in that top picture! I guess March decided to go out like a lion in many parts of the world!
    Hope bear feels better, soon! Honey is supposed to be good for soothing a cough.

  2. I don't approve of this blimmin weather either but how beautiful that water droplets photo is... One of life's small blessings. Hope bear is feeling better soon.

  3. I'm back to wooden trellis now, but very happy with my decision!

    It's bitterly cold here and there were a few snowflakes on the car this morning but not as much as you had. I can't believe it's April!