Thursday 17 March 2022

Error of Judgement

Bless - I had noticed a lot fewer squirrels around, but thought that there may have been a cull or something. I know that they can be destructive, but I adore seeing them. I'm not sure about the scraps. I haven't really explored them yet as it's very much a random selection. And every time I see the drinking horns, I smile. So not a bargain, but they make me happy.

Cherie - I will not 'put on something hippie' on account of me looking like a tie-dyed bell tent if I try. Neither bear not I are fans of loud music, so I shall stick to YouTube. Also, bear is utterly mortified if he sees me even humming along to a tune, so a gig may be terminal for him!

I wanted to go to Asda. I had heard that they have awesome gluten free stuff but the big store is a scary drive involving dual lane carriageways and speeds of over 40mph. However if I take a relatively small detour on the way home, there is a slight smaller Asda which may well have some goodies. So I dropped bear off this morning, set the sat nav and off I went.

The start of the new part of the route was fun - narrow country lanes, blind corners and varying speed limits. It was a lovely drive and I may try and go along another time and see if I can enjoy the scenery more and perhaps stop and take a pic. As the drive went on, however, I realised that I had made two errors of judgement. One - that if you are trying a new route to a place you have never been before on some busy roads, don't try it during morning rush hour. Two - I really need to remember which is my left and which is my right. I had to do a few unexpected three point turns.

I also got stuck behind one of the oldest camper vans I have ever seen still moving. I was stuck in traffic as I watched a couple climb into a very old van and I let them out in front of me. I don't know if they had just bought it to refurnish or something, but it belched smoke as it sputtered along in front of me in the slow traffic. I had a quick look on the internet about registration plates, and my guess is that it was registered in 1985. They were quite young and looked happy, so I don't know if I saw them on the first leg of an adventure, but I wish them all the luck in the world. 

I had to do lots of lane changing and roundabouts and got very bewildered before I got to Asda. I am not good with changing lanes, especially not across three lanes, but I managed. And this was on the outskirts of Bradford. Even the police don't like driving in Bradford. I was a little disappointed. I just don't feel at home in an Asda, for some reason. Also, the frozen gluten free stuff was caked in ice. There were icicles that looked epic hanging from the shelves, so I decided against anything from there. I checked on their delivery site. Gluten free pasta is £1 in Tesco, 85p in Morrisons and 75p on the Asda online shopping site. It was 70p in store, and there was a lot more variety embedded in ice in the store than there was online. I'm just going to have to pull myself together and go to the big one. 

Bear has been watching Penn and Teller. DH has handed him a book on card magic. I think that bear has forgotten that he learned to palm cards in primary school, and I'm not reminding him. However, there is an active group of card players at school which bear is part of. I am hoping that I don't get called in to give an explanation for anything.

I haven't taken a pic today, but I'm adding this one from Unsplash. As I was sat waiting for the traffic lights, I saw an enormous spider web, at least a metre across, and it was so delicate and iridescent in the light, I was almost dazzled. It was caught between a tree and a fence post and was so wide, like the laciest shawl. There was no way I could stop anywhere near to take a photo, but it really made me smile to see it, so I am putting in a stock photo.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. My daughter has had trouble with Left and Right all her life (she's in her mid-30s now). A couple of years ago she had a tiny L and a tiny R tattooed on the appropriate hand, in between her thumb and index finger. It's worked really well and she has much less trouble now :-)

  2. I was thinking more of flared jeans and a floaty top :-)

  3. I laughed out loud at the comment about the old van. I think you would be horrified at some of the vehicles still on the road here in our state. There is no MOT or any road worthy test. Anything that basically starts can be on the road. Sometimes it's not unusually to see bits hanging down, windows with cardboard on and more. Quite funny if it wasn't dangerous!

    I have loads of squirrels around. They really are quite funny. There are a couple of black squirrels in our garden who will come beg for peanuts.