Tuesday 22 March 2022

Sort of Busy, Sort of Not

Cherie - I couldn't face it. Father once bought something similar and I thought it was fit for cleaning drains.

Sharon - thank you. I don't want to speculate about anything that was written down on a brown paper bag...

Eileen - the thing about picking the wild garlic is that it's in a small, wooded park where lots of dogs get taken. Lots and lots and lots of dogs. Even at 7.30am, when it's barely light, there are lots of dogs. I am not exactly sure how much they stick to the paths when they answer the call of nature. I am reluctant to pick any. 

Yesterday I had quite a long walk. I couldn't breathe in the bed, so I ended up sleeping in a chair again last night, so today I have been comically stiff. I can hardly move. I made myself go for a walk in the woods, which I enjoyed, and there was some lovely blossom.

Then I picked up a fair amount of shopping from Tesco. I was using the Clubcard Plus thing where you get 10% off two shops per month. I stocked up on various bits, like the jar sauces that the men like, the chocolate biscuits that they like and some rice. The 10% off saved me £7.34, and I have another one this month. The subscription is £7.99 per month. I'm considering it carefully. The real saving was on bear's school uniform, but it only goes up to age 14. I would have to spend more than £80 in two shops to break even. That could be regrettably easy. But I want to get more into the habit of shopping daily or at least just bits as I need them. Of course, come next winter, I'll want to stock up. I suppose stocking up on tins and frozen twice a month isn't a bad thing. 

Then I sorted out some climbing stuff for bear. He's switching from something I don't quite understand to something else that I don't quite understand, but that's settled. I've got some washing done, picked up bear and then picked up some more school shirts for bear at Matalan. His are looking like they have been through the rubbish dump. 

I plan to spend the evening not moving. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. How's the stiffness this morning? Were you able to sleep last night.

  2. School uniform is so expensive, I don't envy you having to keep up with a growing boy. Is he too big for children's sizes yet?

    Your walk in the wood has inspired me to head to one of the local woods ... thank you x

  3. Looks like a lovely walk.

    School uniforms are expensive! Things are better than when I was at school as there are cheaper options. Used to be you were only supposed to buy from this one exclusive shop in town that hardly no-one could afford.

  4. Well done going on the walk in the woods. Hope you are feeling less stiff, now.