Wednesday 2 March 2022

Cold and Wet

Sharon - thank you. The rats are an issue, but something has survived!

Bless - It feels wrong to get rid of something living so much. But I suspect it will overtake the garden. Also, I don't want rats.

Eileen - yes, it seems to be quite vigorous. I just haven't seen the neighbour to get an opinion. They could consider it a cheap hedge. I noticed a smear or two today on the windows, but, to be honest, it seems to have worked better than vinegar and water or glass cleaner, so I think that I'll keep using it.

Today has been horrible and wet. It's been that fine rain that doesn't seem aggressive but gets everywhere. There has been some nasty spots on the road and I'll be glad when it stops. There are a couple of places on the way to school where the water gathers in deep puddles and they are less fun than you would think.

I smiled today when I took a picture of an old atlas. It originally belonged to my grandfather's aunt, and I have spent hours enjoying it. I posted it on my writing blog for today's writing type chat. 

I could get lost in it for hours, but I resisted and only got caught up for a short while.

Bear's tests continue. Tomorrow he will be later than normal at the pickup. He has no idea how much later. I could be picking him up at 3.35pm or around 6.30. I'm insisting that he narrows it down. As it is, I'll make sure that I take knitting. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. I love old atlases. I felt old the day I realised that half of the countries in my school atlas had new names and the world had changed!

  2. Hope Bear's tests go well.

    What a lovely treasure to look at. I must admit to bringing a couple of older reading materials home from Jane's to take a look at.

    Hope the weather clears up soon!

  3. Wow! What a wonderful atlas!