Tuesday 8 March 2022

Tuesday Has Happened

Eileen - thank you for the heads up. I'm glad you liked the story.

Briony - all my favourite things are done sitting down as well. I daren't go into yarn shops. Unfortunately I'm on the email list for Marriners Yarns (I'm not linking for your safety - cheap yarns), and I call in at Aldi which has yarn with distressing regularity. My next challenge is using the dratted stuff up! I hope tha the arthritis settles down soon.

Sharon - I couldn't resist the yarn, but then, I didn't try that hard lol

Wherethejourneytakesme - bear explained it as having issues with his calculator. I suspect overconfidence. At least he nailed the computer test. Bear is expected to get A or above in everything except English, I think, and possibly Drama. As the school has a teacher whose job is solely to get the marks as high as possible, I'm not putting extra pressure on at home.

Aches continue a little. Also, I suspect that something is happening next door as I feel that everytime I go into my bedroom I feel choked with dust or fumes. I've been struggling with breathing all day. 

I had some quiet moments knitting while waiting for bear. And that's when I took the pic that made me smile. The sky was so blue and the air so fresh that it made me smile. 

It reminded me of the phrase 'halcyon days' which I vaguely remembered as something to do with the idea of kingfishers having a short spell of calm weather in winter to build there nests. I had a quick look on Wikipedia (which is a reasonable start for this sort of thing) and found it is apparently a lot more complicated and there's mythology involved - the article is here, if you are interested.

I am so aware of how lucky I am, and praying for those in Ukraine. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Perhaps an air purifier might help for your bedroom - not sure what the cost is though.
    I am sure bear will do very well. When my daughter took her French GCSE mocks '95 her marks were so far above the rest of the class the teacher told us he must have got her marks wrong. We beleived him because we had heard her speak very little French at home. Instead of remarking or looking at her papers again he just adjusted her mark to the class average! When she sat the GCSE exam in the summer she got A* with almost full marks something like 98% so it was obvious the high marks in the mocks were in fact accurate after all. What no one realsied was that our daughter had continued to write to her French exchange student every other week in French for almost two years and it was that that had given her such a big advantage! Telling her teacher of her result was a wonderful day for her - his face must have been a picture!

  2. Lovely blue skies always make me smile too! Hope you had a good day.

  3. Arthritis is a scourge isn't it? I have it in so many places I don't count any more. I keep doing my crochet even though some days my thumbs are painful because I know if I stop I will not get started again.
    Of course I just had to look up 'Marriner Yarns' lol going to have a good look later.

  4. Do you think that the fumes/dust from next door may be linked to you feeling so tired and achy all the time?

    I like your photo with that wonderful blue sky. It's been really drab and cold here today so I've stayed tucked up in the warm most of the day. xx

  5. Lovely blue skies! I, too, second the recommendation to get an air purifier. I bought 3 of them, a couple of years ago, when we had really bad air quality due to wildfires in our area.