Friday 11 March 2022

Of Course

 Briony - bear is my darling son. He's fifteen, and lovely and calm with it. So far he seems to be the sensible one out of me, him and my husband. He is the light of my life and a sweetie. He is also very much his own person and I generally let him work his own stuff out. So far, it's worked well for him. 

Bless - I passed on your good wishes and he said thank you.

Eileen - he took a test at school, so it's 'just' a cold, but it's a stinker. I've passed on your good wishes and he said thank you.

I found the car keys. They had got into a tissue box and I found them this evening. This is less good news as we paid £169 for them to be replaced this morning...

I'm not going to be posting this weekend as I have realised the date and I have a massive deadline that I need to get moving with. I have to share, though, that I got to know Amalie Stoneman through my writing, she was complimentary, she mentioned her store and I saw this...

Isn't it just like Under the Bright Saharan Sky? I'm not sure what I'm going to use as a chain, probably ribbon. I got another one as well. She's based in the US, but she was happy to send it to me, and I am in shiny heaven. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Good luck with the deadline! Hope you have a good and productive weekend.

  2. Glad you found your key; too bad you found it only after you got a new one to replace it! Isn't that how it always works? Hope you meet your deadline and Bear feels better over the weekend.

  3. Good news that Bear 'just' has a cold ... miserable thing to have at any time and hope he's feeling better today.

    I love your new pendant ... is it glass?