Tuesday 1 March 2022


Bless - thank you. I think the blanket will eventually be warm, snuggly and bright!

Eileen - the tests are stacking up. I think he had another one today and then there are a few more scheduled next week. He seems to be managing fine, though, so I'm letting him get on with it. 

Cherie - I love the signs of spring.

Patio - I had so much fun with the circles, even though I didn't get out much. I wouldn't be surprised at what washed up in the local floods, so I guess what could be under the snow could be even more surprising.

Here is my dilemma. Normally, anything I plant dies. I didn't plant the fuchsia, which takes over the front of the garden every summer, so it flourishes. There are a few other exceptions, but there are a lot of fails. I also planted some honeysuckle which I recently hacked violently back to get rid of the rat run along the wall to the drains. It is now sprouting vigorously. I don't really want to get rid of something that has actually survived my attempts at gardening, but I don't want a rat run.

Besides, it looks like it would be awesome curling through the wrought iron top to the neighbour's wall.

I can't ask the neighbours because they never answer the door and don't really hang out much. If the honeysuckle is like this now, then with time, water and a little feed, it could look like a flowery hedge.They may or may not want this. 

I'm going to have to have a think about it. It goes against the grain to cut back something so alive, but rats!

I haven't got a pic of the thing that made me smile today. I haven't had a chance, so I'm using a stock photo to show something similar.

Today I used hand sanitiser and a microfibre cloth to clean my windows. The windows were filthy, but it really worked well. It is now my go-to glass cleaner. And that made me happy. 


  1. I can't grow anything either. I don't know why. I love the idea of growing things, but they always seem to die! Not sure I could deal with the thought of rats though.

  2. I, too, hate to destroy any plant that is happy to grow in my garden, but, I've had to cut down quite a few of them when they try to take over the garden!

  3. I hadn't heard of using hand sanitiser to clean windows so that's a useful tip.

    Honeysuckles can take over so I'd suggest thinking carefully before letting it grow on the neighbour's wall.