Monday 14 March 2022


Sharon - thank you. Bear is much better.

Bless - I knew that we would find it straight after the change. It always happens that way.

Eileen - Thank you. The pendant is handmade glass. I think that she melts different coloured glass together but how she gets the shape is beyond me. I shall be gloating about these pendants for weeks.

Two fails in today's post. The first is this weekend. I deliberately stayed away from blogs to get writing. I swear that I must have a condition or something because all I did was make myself miserable and write about 500 words. I still haven't caught up with what I want to read on the blogs. The other fail is this.

For once it isn't a photo taken on a throw over the armchair. I think I may need to repot that spiderplant. It went something like this. Raven Forge make awesome stuff and I have a weakness for it. They had a sale. With every two bottles of mead sold, you got a free drinking horn. We ordered four bottles of mead to get a drinking horn for DH and I. This will last us at least two months. However drinking horns do not naturally stand by themselves and Raven Forge had sold out of the epic iron stands. I ended up getting two horn stands from ebay.

We spent a fortune on mead that will last us for months, then over £20 on stands, for something that is just decorative and was 'free'. That is a fail - when 'free' stuff costs over £50! And we won't even be drinking out of them as I'm worried about getting them clean afterwards!

On the bright side, I love them. And I found the bit of writing that I lost - more details in the 'writing stuff' section below.

Writing stuff - today's flash fiction is here and was far too much fun. 

And I got accepted for an anthology which will be out on April 1st - quite fitting as it's all about trickster gods

With everything else going on, I'd forgotten all about it, but I got the amazing news last week. I'll be able to share the links later. And this is one of the things that made me rummage in my 'forgotten writing' folders. It was a very short story that leads up to the longer piece that is in the anthology. I'll be sharing that on the release day on my writing blog. I actually found it in some stuff that I had sent the awesome people at Stormdance Publications. Today's flash fiction wasn't linked, but I suspect that there will be a few posts on disgruntled deities showing up on Always Another Chapter in the next month or so.  

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. I can relate to your situation with regard to your keys/fob for your car. We moved to our current house over 5 years ago now and after getting somewhat settled, decided to empty our safety deposit box at our bank, having also opened an account at a bank closer to home. Tore this house apart looking for the keys. Distinctly remember having them in my hand while still at our old home but couldn't locate. Ended up paying $100.00 plus to have them drill the locks out so we could empty the box. Well, my husband has been cleaning and sorting through things in the basement and came across a stack of papers in a box that also held an envelope with information regarding a storage unit that we had for a very short time, and lo and behold, he found the old keys to the savings deposit box. I told him we should string them on a chain and they will be one of the more expensive pieces of jewelry that I own. (not particularly beautiful) All you can do is laugh, I suppose. Ranee (MN) USA

  2. I love your £50 freebies - remind me never to go shopping with you!!

  3. At least the spider plant is still alive. If it was at my house it would be completely dead lol.

    I love the drinking horns. My husband would love that shop! His hobby is bladesmithing. He's been doing it for a couple of years and is really quite good at it.

    Glad you managed to find the writing! I wouldn't call that a fail

  4. That's the problem with 'free' often they are not, with some subterfuge 'next purchase' required. The one that always comes to mind are the supermarket ... buy three and get cheapest free/half price, so you deliberately buy three when in reality you only needed the one. You think you have got a bargain but you have purchased/spent more than your original item - clever marketing🙄

  5. Oh, those "free" items will always get us! But now you have two great drinking horns and holders! :D