Sunday 6 March 2022

My Fault

Apparently my laptop doesn't like me running two browsers at the same time. I have done some serious backing up and actually learned to use the cloud. 

It's been normal here. I slipped on the stairs and fell backwards. I haven't dislocated anything this time (four shoulders so far) but I'm feeling the ache of it. Bear didn't do too well in the maths test. That was hard. And I had a cracking dream last night involving crocodiles living in chilly Cheshire. So all more or less normal. 

I've got a load of washing done today. This means that the ironing mountain has grown, but I'll worry about that some other time. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. You have four shoulders... please post a photo. :-)

  2. Good to read that others have nutty dreams, my husband can't believe some of mine, lol

  3. My laptop doesn't like me no matter how many browsers I'm running! It's been threatened with being replaced if it doesn't get it's act together!

    Was the maths test just a mid term or was it GCSE mocks?

  4. Oh no! Sounds like quite the day! My computer seems filled to the brim with things I'm not sure of lol. I wish there was a 'put this app to sleep if I haven't used it' feature so it would free up some space!

  5. Ouch the fall sounds painful - hope it is easing off now. B in a maths test is still a good mark - it might just mean he has learnt and absorbed the maths but as yet not completely remembered it all well enough for a test. x

  6. So sorry to read that you had a fall. Glad you didn't hurt yourself too badly! Hope you feel better, soon.