Friday 18 March 2022

Squirrel Again

Cherie - bear would utterly, utterly die. I wouldn't, but I may suggest it to him, though, if I'm feeling wicked.

Nethergreen - that is a promising idea. Unfortunately, yesterday I wouldn't have thought to check. The satnav said 'left' so I confidently did the far harder right turn, without any hesitation. At least it makes life interesting.

I may not make much sense. I'm nodding off as I type. It's been a quiet sort of day, with some bits and pieces done. I dropped bear off and then decided that I was too stiff to walk so I came straight home. I paused half way along the street as I finally spotted the magpie nest - and realised that the squirrel was raiding it. The magpies were doing their best to defend, but the squirrel seemed quite determined. I rolled down the car window to get a pic, but they disappeared. Here is the scene of the crime. You can just about see the nest. It was such a beautiful morning as well. 

I was really surprised, but I checked and apparently grey squirrels are omnivores that will raid nests. I wonder whether the magpies will drive the squirrel out or whether it will continue to hang around. Thinking about it, it's a little early for the magpies to be laying eggs, and I think that they are still building the nest as I am sure that I saw one with twigs at the beginning of the week. Perhaps it was a squabble over territory. I shall keep watching out for them.

DH and bear have spent the evening practising card tricks. I think I will be spending the weekend being asked to 'pick a card, any card'. There are worse things.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Ah..quite sad with the squirrel and the magpies. I suppose that is part of life though.

    I hope you have an enjoyable weekend - card tricks and all!

  2. I can remember buying a box of tricks for one of my nephews for Christmas. The memory of Christmas Day is him saying "pick a card, any card..." I don't think I've ever been forgiven for that 😂😂

  3. Hope you are having a fun weekend picking cards with your son! :D