Monday 7 March 2022

Just Monday

Cherie - All I can say is that if you dislocate both shoulders at the same time you find out exactly how hard it is to use the bathroom when you don't have functional arms and they hurt

Briony - I quite enjoy some of my dreams. The one that my husband remembers most is the one about the shark infested sweetcorn. I'm glad that someone else understands.

Eileen - I went a lot further with the threats. I was talking about hammers. The test was, as far as I can tell, a sort of mock GCSE. They call them 'milestones' and are used to predict grades. 'Stepping stones' are tests that are sort of end of topic tests. But though bear may have only got a B in Maths, he totally rocked his computer science, so that is something. 

I have absolutely no right to complain with everything going on in the world, but I feel very run down. The fall on the stairs has caught up with me, together with a really bad night last night. My joints are complaining. They would complain a lot less if I lost some weight and took exercise, but I feel too weary for that. 

I called in at B&M this morning as I wanted some slate place mats. We have some large, multiwick candles and I worry about them being hot on the surfaces, so I thought slate would be a suitable insulator. I'll share how it goes. Of course I picked up some other bits, but the garden centre was closed. I want to look at some trellis type stuff. I then called into Aldi where I saw some yarn. I should have just backed away, but I remembered that it was Lent, and I usually make something for Lent to donate. The last few years have been a fail, but I need to be more focused. I picked up three balls of yarn and cast on for a blanket. I suspect, sadly, that there will be many places grateful for a donated blanket. I'm a bit worried about the cast on being a little tight, even though I used a needle several sizes bigger than the main needle. If it pulls the knitting in too much, I'll undo the knitting and start again.

The yarn looks like fun. I started it as I waited for bear when he went climbing. 

Writing stuff - Today's flash fiction is here and I used a pic that I took myself. It isn't brilliant, but it's okay, and it's exactly what I wanted. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. I can't see your photo on the flash fiction page. It just shows a round grey sign.

    I'm sorry to hear that you are still feeling so tired and run down. It's been going on for a while so I'd suggest seeing your GP, but that's easier said than done if your surgery is anything like mine!

    Love the wool!

    1. Thank you for the heads up. I've changed it and fingers crossed, it works.

      I really appreciate you letting me know.

    2. Yes it's working now. Love the story x

  2. I suffer from Arthritis in my hip and Sacro iliac joint and boy is it painful, like you I should lose weight and you would think that being in pain would give me a jolt but it doesn't. All the things I love doing are sitting down things, lol
    That yarn looks fun, I think I might have fallen for that had I seen it. I can't go into a yarn shop and not come out with at least one ball of something.
    I think the way the world is at the moment is getting to us all and making us tired, I try not to read newspapers or watch the news on tv and it does help, after all there's nothing much I can do about it.

  3. Lovely colour wool.

    I understand about feeling run down. There is a lot going on in the world but that doesn't mean that what you're feeling isn't valid.

  4. Hope your aches and pains are better, now. Falling can really knock the wind out of you! Ask me how I know! :D