Monday 5 July 2021


It's been a funny sort of day. As I left this morning with bear on the school run, I drove to the end of the street and a van parked across the end of the road in front of me! He was baffled when I tooted at him. I forgot to pick up the bread when I was out, which was a nuisance, but I remembered the painkillers for DH. Then, when I tried turning into the road, someone else blocked me as they were dropping something off! At least they were nice about it and not hanging around. I wouldn't mind, but it's quite wide and it takes a lot to block the flow!

The plumber was supposed to be here at 9.30 to check the leaking sink and fit new taps. Bless him, he rang to say he was running late. This is a miracle with workman. As it was, I had to text him to warn him that while he could theoretically park his van in the street now that the trees had been cut back, Yorkshire Water were now blocking the street. 

They were putting a camera down the sewer. I have no idea what they could have found and I dread to think. The men were pretty nice, though, when I asked about whether I'd be able to get out for the afternoon school run.

The poor plumber had a dreadful job putting in the new taps as the old ones were probably older than me. They had completely seized. But now I no longer have a dripping tap, and I can fit a jug, mug or kettle under them much easier. They do sing the song of their people when you turn them on, but they were cheap and I can live with it. 

Then I nipped into Tesco and forgot the bread again before driving off to pick up bear. I was tootling along happily until a DPD van decided to reverse into the flow of traffic. It looked like they had gone down the wrong street, as they happily reversed towards me, pulled out and then turned into the street about ten yards down. Fortunately I managed to stop, and there was no-one behind me to be affected when I had to reverse to give them room for their manoeuvre. I was actually quite shaken. Fortunately I then met up with my brother and his partner, which was nice. They had managed to get a self catering break with their dogs, and it was lovely to see them so relaxed. 

Then I got myself and bear home (he hasn't done brilliantly at exams), fed DH and gave bear a snack before dragging bear out to Climbing Club. I stayed in the car and read. Once home, I fed bear again, stuck his kit in the washer to get clean for games tomorrow and I'm about to collapse. 

I'm hoping that I have a few less blockages to deal with tomorrow, and that I remember the bread.

Hugs and good health to all. 

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