Friday 23 July 2021


Bear's school broke up for the summer holiday today. I picked him up at 12noon and took him to McDonalds. We went to the McDonalds near IKEA and the big cinema, as the nearest ones to the school would be overrun with kids. As it was, there was no room in McDonald's car park and the drive through queue was dozens of cars. We parked in the cinema car park and walked over. 

I guess the cinema isn't doing great business. I know it's only Friday lunchtime, but I suspect that it would have had a little more traffic before the plague. I took this pic.

Still not much sign of the whiskery lot. I'm keeping a close lookout. 

Tesco had to cancel my delivery today. The poor man on the phone sounded absolutely desperate. He must have had so many people shout at him. I reassured him that we were okay for food, we were not isolating, and that it was okay. It took him a few moments to calm down. I nipped out to Tesco later for a few bits, and the man on the till was also a little shaken after a bad encounter with a nasty customer. And he has always been a sweetie to me. 

There are gaps in the shelves at Tesco, but it may be because it was late and they were ready to clean the shelves before re-stocking. I'm taking bear shopping with me next week so he can give some feedback about what he wants to eat during the summer. So far he has just said that he wants it to be 'healthy' but can't define 'healthy'. It's going to be a long summer. 

I can guarantee that bear will refuse to do anything much, as he doesn't want to, but the weekend before he is back in school he will have an utter crisis because he didn't do anything during the holiday. I may hide. 

Also, I forgot DH's favourite biscuits in the shopping trip. This is not a good thing.

I'm going to go away now and plan my survival strategy for the next six weeks. 

Hugs and good health to all. 

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