Saturday 10 July 2021

So Many Emails

 I had a short run out and a little walk. It was incredibly misty and far more like autumn, but it was refreshing.

I got some great doggy cuddles on the walk as well. I'm nervous around dogs, but I love them, so it is a wonderful chance for me to get to meet up with good dogs being taken for walks by responsible owners.

When I got home, the new sim was waiting for me, so I dragged together all my courage and changed the sim over. It was actually quite straightforward and I survived putting a very small piece of plastic into a holder without too much trauma (I watched YouTube videos first, though). Then it came to transferring the info. They were both android phones, so it was okay. Except for emails. The emails were making the new phone come over all faint. 

This isn't exactly too surprising. I spent this afternoon deleting emails, and I must have deleted around four or five thousand, and moved a few hundred more into sub folders. My main email has now been reduced from an inbox of over 2.5k to 23, and I've been hunting around a lot of other corners as well. I had completely forgotten about some of them. I got rid of four years of unread Dollar Stretcher newsletters, which was a hefty chunk, and all sorts of strange notifications. I still haven't sorted out the writing email, where the courses are arriving. I think I'll work on the 1.5k emails there later. That is going to be tricky as it has contracts etc in, so I'll have to sort out some folders so I can find things easily and unclutter the inbox. 

I had a quick look over the garden as I was taking stuff out to the bin. Even the dandelions are wilting. I think it's rust.

These two photos were taken with my new phone. I'm quite happy!

I've had a rummage on YouTube and I've seen suggestions for home made fungicides, but I'm a litle wary. To be honest, all the garden seems heavily infected and the huge ants nest carrying aphids around isn't going to help. The tomatoes look on their last legs. The consensus for a bad infestation is to clear the site and even replace the soil! I'm going to go for something less drastic - lots of soapy water spray, lots of feed and I need to get stuck into weeding and clearing. I'm also going to get cracking on some slug traps. I found a great video here. As DH is eating a lot of eggs at the moment, I think I may start saving the eggshells as well. I'm not a gardener, but I really don't want to lose the plants that I have like the honeysuckle. 

I don't know if I'll post tomorrow. I'm a bag of nerves.

Hugs and good health to all. 

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