Thursday 8 July 2021

Wish Me Luck

 My car has issues again. Once again the check tyre pressure light is coming on. Once again they can't find anything. Once again they have equalised the pressure and then if (or when) the light goes on again I can go back and they can work out which tyre it is. They were very nice at Kwik Fit and didn't mind me knitting.

One thing I noticed as I was driving to and from Kwik Fit. I dropped bear off and went down a seriously main road at rush hour to get to the garage. The roads weren't that busy. They weren't that busy on the ring road either. I would guess that there's around 25% less cars on the road at the moment. Of course, the school run is quieter because years 11 and 13 aren't in, and all those people still working from home are still working from home, but it seems very odd. I was really nervous about getting there, but I was okay. I even had a go at getting a shot of a Burly Banksy, but didn't do so well. 

The Burley Banksy is a local artist who is going around Leeds and decorating BT exchange boxes. Some have been painted over by BT, and a huge outcry errupted. He has a shop now, here, and I'm sort of tempted.

Last night, when England won a semi final in a major competition, felt unreal. I mean, England don't win things. I don't agree with some of the fans' behaviour, though. But I think that on the whole, the team did us proud, and Gareth Southgate seems a great role model for young lads.

I am now about to try to get the dratted phone sims switched over. I've been mustering my courage, my new phone is charged and I checked and the sim should go straight from my old phone to the new one. I have just broken a nail getting the protective case off, so wish me luck getting into the actual phone, let alone panicking about things technical. Fortunately, I post from my laptop. I'll share tomorrow.

Hugs and good vibes to all. 


  1. Good Luck with the phone. I was too scared to watch the match though I kept an eye on the score. Couldn't stand any more stress lol

  2. I HATE sym cards. I always break them. Jean