Wednesday 28 July 2021

Deja Vu

I pressed an inadvisable button and I wiped out all the editing I'd done. I have to start again. 

I'm pretty traumatised by it so I thought I would cheer myself up and start another knitting project. I may have a gazillion and four projects started already, but I thought I needed a pick-me-up and, besides, it should be quick to do and clear some space. I bought some hat and scarf kits from Marriner Yarns some time ago. I opened one up and it looked like this.

One thing I liked was that it came in a bag that had obviously been reused. Instead of having its own plastic bag, they reused a bag originally holding different yarn.

It reminded me of my grandmother. She always knitted large sweaters and so the yarn was bought with the huge plastic bags and that's where she kept the knitted bits and the yarn all together. She didn't have a proper knitting bag. She did have a wooden rack that father, her son-in-law, made her for her knitting needles, but otherwise it was all adhoc. I dug out an old notebook to keep track of the rows. I'm going to have to watch that as I'm used to not bothering with basic blankets. My grandmother always used the inserts from her nylon stockings. She would only wear one brand and they were the oldfashioned, non-stretchy types in large packets and, if the pattern wasn't too complicated, she could sometimes get more than one pattern noted on an insert. On the other hand, she loved doing complicated aran patterns and sometimes she would need more room. The other source of paper for marking rows was the inside of the ball band. It doesn't work for Marriners yarn, though. They are printed with an offer.

For those interested, the kits are here. I got the England colours. The company shows the Welsh colours, being based in Wales. I quite like the look of the Scottish colours, but as I have absolutely no connection with Scotland apart from some holidays there, I think that would be rather cheeky. The pattern was included, so I may just try it again with different colours. It's rugby, not football, but that's okay. 

I think I may head off for an early night. Hugs and good health to all. 

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