Wednesday 7 July 2021

Not Paying Full Attention

I remembered about posting just about at kick off so I'm listening to the audio of the match. That is, England v Denmark in the semi finals of the Euros, if you are somehow unaware. I thought I had better post now, as I will be the worse for drink later, no matter what happens.

My nerves are already in shreds.

Today has been a shopping day. I called in to Morrisons and took advantage of a coupon that came with the More cards and saved £2.28 on stuff that I would buy anyway, like gluten free pasta. Then I called in to Tesco to use up one of my 10% off shops. I picked up some Merlyn liqueur (surprisingly nice for something based on Welsh whisky) as it was on offer and I'll stash it away for later (I'm on the rum tonight). I also picked up a load of stuff I needed, with around two or three impulse purchases. I saved 16.52, which is two months of the Clubcard Plus fee, and was partly 10% and partly the clubcard offers. 

I'm working hard on keeping to what I would buy anyway. I will no longer buy Pringles if they are more than £1.50, and I keep a close eye on things like Heinz tomato soup. 

I took a moment to try and be calm when waiting for bear, and I enjoyed the scent of privet flowers. They are late this year. Sally Pointer said that a lot of plants were behind. I know that privet is usually out just before Wimbledon and that the orange blossom which is currently out near the ring road is normally out at the second May Bank Holiday. It still feels like autumn. But at least I got a pic. The red berry is from a flowering almond or cherry. 

I'm looking forward to a good evening, though I can't believe that we will win. Whatever happens, I hope to make a dent on the knitting.

Hugs and good health to all. 

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