Thursday 22 July 2021

Clean Sinuses

Witch Hazel - thank you! I did share that YouTube video about the Creator thingy. But please flag up if you think I've been hacked. We are all at risk. I really appreciate you giving me the heads up. 

The problem is that the Lyssa Medana Facebook page is sort of a grey area. My real name, the name on my driver's license and passport, isn't Lyssa Medana. That's the name I use when I write. To be honest, I rather prefer it to my own name (which isn't Sybil either, though I wish it was). And, especially over the lockdown, I get more people calling me Lyssa than anything else. But it's my writing persona. 

I don't want anyone to think I'm fake. What you see is pretty much me, but I sort of concentrate on the interesting bits. As far as I can see, I fudge less than most, but I do omit some stuff that is either dull, affects someone else or is too sensitive. All the housekeeping fails are absolutely as they happen, though. Also, the stuff about bear is pretty true, though with a few bits blurred around the edges for his privacy. But the Facebook Lyssa is the writer not the real (and rather dull) me.

Lyssa Medana has 4,200 friends. I've met one of them in person. I sort of properly know maybe two dozen or so, that's people on here, the editors and such. The rest are people who have added me perhaps because they are told to add other authors or are editors/designers/publishers looking for contacts. There is also a fair swatch of creeps who have latched on to a female name. Some of those may be interested in the Creator Fire thing. I sort of know him, and he's been quite kind to me. I plan to have a go at affiliate marketing at some point, but not on this blog. So I shared the video, as he was asking for shares, so that other authors who may be interested could check it out and make their own call. I'm sorry if I worried you and I'm really grateful for you mentioning it.

There have been no rat sightings. I haven't seen a whisker, which is an improvement on the last few days when I have seen quite a few and so has bear. Last night I rubbed the kitchen window with peppermint oil. This makes the kitchen smell of industrial strength Blackpool rock, but seems to have worked. 

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work on slugs and one slimed its way all over the dishes in the washing up rack. I feel cursed. 

To make things worse, I ordered a spray of mouse repellent from Amazon. It leaked. I think it only leaked for a little bit in transit as only a corner of the box was affected. However it's something that should be sprayed thinly. It leaked all over our porch and a couple of cloth books that I had bought for a friend's baby. It stinks of peppermint and clove. I think I'm safe not only from the rats but from Mr Fluffy the cat, the dog from down the road, the ants, the aphids and possibly the postman. My head is ringing after clearing it up! I mopped it up with some cloths soaked in plain water and then sprinkled bicarb on the damp patches. In one of the more deprived areas of Leeds, I have a porch door propped open with a floor covered in white powder. It's okay, though. The smell should keep anyone away. I mean, absolutely anyone. I'm probably safe from Jehovah's Witnesses for the next week or so. I'm going to have to go and mop it again later. I'm not looking forward to it. 

Writing stuff - work on the Complete Collection from the White Hart continues. I hate my punctuation. I've learned a lot over the last few years, and one of the things I've learned is to use less commas. I am sinking under them!

Hugs and good health to all

(and thank you again, Hazel!)

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