Thursday 1 July 2021

I Forgot Pics

Today I forgot to take pics. Mind you, I didn't see much that I fancied snapping. I went to Ilkley with my friend (who drove, which was just as well) and we had a browse in the charity shops before a quick lunch and then diving home to pick up bear.

It was a close run thing. We had a lunch at Betty's (that's taken most of my personal treat money till September) and it was lovely but I realised that not only were we running close to the time we would have to leave Ilkley to get me back to the car to pick up bear in time, but our parking ticket was running out. We almost sprinted out of the store. 

We trawled the charity shops first. I picked up three Next school shirts in bear's size, brand new in their pack, for £12.50. That was a result, especially given how many of his shirts are in stains. I picked up an inexpensive vase as well.

The rest of my splurge money went on this book from 1931. 

It's a collection of watercolours, including these.

I plan to scan them and I hope to mount them and hang them around the house. 

Hugs and good health to all. 

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous watercolours! I'm pleasantly surprised to see they've not been razored out long ago. I like your vase too, a nice classic shape like that can be surprisingly difficult to find, eh? Hope you enjoyed your treaty day!