Wednesday 14 July 2021

Going Batty

Heather - I hope I don't end up like one of those unpleasant old women. I'd rather be the sort of old lady that 'innocently' asks young couples if they are practising a lot for their wedding night, and who won't be fobbed off by shopkeepers. As for what I wear, I've never been too worried about that. The fashion around Glastonbury sounds perfect for me.

Fifitr - crisps have always been reliable when it comes to settling my stomach. As for the biscuits, I've got an order booked for the weekend and I plan to put on half a dozen packs as the offer ends 20th July. As bear's summer holiday is nearly on us, I plan to hide them and bring them out in small stages. Also, I agree with you about the football fans. 

Last night I had a small drink (honestly!), shut everything down and headed to bed. I opened the door from the study to the living room and froze. There was a bat flying around the room! It was a genuine, live, flappity bat. It was circling the room frantically. I tried opening the front door, but I don't think it could tell and, to be honest, I think it was just blindly panicking. I called DH down, because otherwise he would never have believed me. He was equally baffled and managed to catch the bat in a dressing gown and release it outside. 

We have no idea how it got in. There were three windows open after dark. One was my room, with a shut door. The bat would never have got out. One was bear's room which not only had a shut door but bear would have strenuously complained. The third was the kitchen window which was open around a quarter of an inch (it isn't now!). 

What was odder was that earlier DH and I were watching tv in there and there wasn't a hint of a creature of the night in there at all!.

It's sort of reassuring, as I've seen bats around a few years ago, but I was worried that they would have been affected by the dreadful weather. I just wish I had spotted the dratted thing in the garden instead of whizzing past the mantelpiece. 

And bear was not happy. When we discussed it this morning, he objected. We woke him up! I did point out that there was a bat. He complained about the time of the incident. I mentioned the bat again. He gave me a look that would have turned a volcano into an iceberg and sloped off to the car (or batmobile, as I insisted on calling it). 

Now off to check all the nooks and crannies for flying mice.

Hugs and good health to all. 

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  1. RE: Bat in the house Which is why I am so glad it is standard for homes/apartments/cottages, whatever, all have screens on them here. Including sliders - there is a screen for those if you open them too. I can't STAND flys so I just couldn't do without screens on windows. Glad you got it OUT though. Funny reaction by bear about waking him up, lol.