Tuesday 6 July 2021

I took Pics!

I got a load of pics today, of varying quality. It makes a change. I dropped bear off at school this morning and then went for a very short walk as it was raining, although not heavily. I took a few pics then, and it felt like autumn - cold, wet and windy. There were plenty of leaves on the ground as well.

I also got a pic in Aldi's car park as it looked like one of the trees along the boundary was shedding it's leaves in autumn.

I tootled home and had a very small play in the garden. I just cut a few bits back before the rain set in, and I added some string to the arch where the runner beans are. 

You can just see a few flowers starting. Up until the eighteenth century, runner beans were grown for their ornamental flowers. I hope we get a good display. If I ignore them over winter, they should come back next year and keep on with the displays. 

Of course I dropped the string and it just rolled away from me. And where else would it end up.

The neighbours no doubt think I'm even crazier as I was trying to beat the rain as I sprayed over the garden with soapy water. I'm not sure about taking on the aphids. There are a lot of them, and apparently the ants farm them, keeping them safe in their nests and taking them from plant to plant. I do not approve!

I'm really not a gardener. I have no idea what I'm doing. But it's fun seeing what's happening. I hope to harvest some courgettes at the weekend, if the ants don't get there first.

I've also had a little potter in the kitchen. I took some stale bread out for the birds and one sparrow got so excited that he flew straight into a window with a massive 'thunk'. He flew off again towards some nearby elder bushes, so I think he was fine. He must have had a headache. 

Now I am planning to have a good clean of the fridge before the bins go out for tomorrow and possibly an early night. I need to conserve my strength as England play tomorrow. 

Hugs and good health to all (and all gardening suggestions welcome)

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