Tuesday 13 July 2021

Not Moving Much

Kate - getting older is sort of liberating. I plan to be a difficult old woman. Have you seen the poem, 'when I get old I shall wear purple'? I may start working my way through the list. I quite fancy learning to spit. I was talking to a friend who is around the same age as me, and we agreed that aging can be wonderfully relaxing. I'm not talking about physical infirmities that come when you are very old, but the sort of age where you have seen so much rubbish that you don't care anymore and you get harder to shock. Mind you, I was never very good at being shocked or blushing. I was naive and need things explaining, but rarely shocked. 

When I was young, there were a lot of old ladies in hats who ran the church and the volunteer committees and could terrify a sergeant major. My mother had her moments, though she was generally too considerate to really flex her inner old-lady-in-hat. Her cousin was a lay magistrate and could organise anything. She's too elderly to do much now, but in her heyday was a force of nature. 

It's a mixed blessing that the women who once would have been busy terrorising the Parish Council are now having careers and businesses. On the one hand, the voluntary sector could almost certainly do with more ladies that can organise and run meetings with ruthless efficiency. A certain amount of curtain twitching and wondering what the neighbours would say does help keep some standards up. But I would hate to go back to the days when people (especially a subset of those old ladies in hats) would count the months between a wedding and the birth, and judge people for their romantic preferences. I would prefer to judge people for not being kind. 

(quick note - as a Christian, I'm not supposed to judge. That is supposed to be left to God. I'm tempted sometimes, though, especially if I think kids aren't getting properly cared for. I'm not a very good Christian.)

I failed to save again today. Every time I call in at the Co-op and buy something with my card, I get a coupon. One was running out today so I called in and redeemed my 50p off frozen fruit or veg (frozen peas, in my case). That is a pretty good coupon. It would have been even better if I hadn't picked up some Skittles for bear and some crisps for me (they settle my stomach). I also picked up some bread rolls for DH who likes the nice rolls from there. At the check out I got a coupon for 50p off McVities Club products. I had a quick look on the Co-op Home Delivery page and a pack of club biscuits are £1.80. With 50p off, they're £1.30. I can get them for £1 at Tesco, for at least the next week. If I use the Co-op coupon, I won't really be saving money compared to Tesco. On the other hand, the men in my life love Club biscuits and I'm not sure I've got the energy to go to Tesco while the Co-op is on the way home. I suppose I could get a Tesco Delivery, but we don't actually need that much and an order of £40 worth of Club biscuits could raise some eyebrows. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. The poem when I get old, I shall wear purple makes me smile. However we live a couple of miles from Glastonbury. You can be exactly who you like there, no matter how weird and no one looks at you twice. If you look up the images for the goddess conference Glastonbury you will see what I mean. I could be the multi coloured DMs and hippy clothes but don't think I would want to spit. One of my many sisters in law used to work in a care home and several ladies were quite handy with their sticks and she used to have to wear her hair up or lose a handful!!

  2. The weather on Monday rather reflected the mood of the football-loving part of the nation. The gym was very quiet on Sunday afternoon/evening and the staff were all clearly clock-watching, wanting to get home; I felt somewhat pressurised to finish early but resisted. It's a great pity that the lasting legacy of the event will be the hideous racism directed at some of the players. Personally I would ban all leagues until so-called fans learned to behave and keep banning every time there was racist chanting, booing or trolling. Peer pressure is a powerful thing - I wouldn't want to be the person who tries to start up the booing when surrounded by hundreds of football-starved enthusiasts.

    £40 worth of club biscuits would be rather a lot and the temptation is always to eat a lot when you have them there waiting for you. I have rarely managed to come out of a supermarket with just the one or two items I went in for, unless I am in a screaming hurry. Perhaps that's the answer, leave it until 5 minutes before you have to set off to pick up bear?

    I usually turn to dry crackers to settle my stomach, or a plain bagel or dry toast. Crisps would have the opposite effect on me, but all our digestive systems are different (and mysterious!) I can't tolerate much fat but can eat fibrous carbs until the cows come home.