Thursday 15 July 2021

Weather Becoming Warm

Dawn - bear has Views!

Also, speaking of bear, he has just dragged himself out of his room to ask for food. He wandered down to the kitchen, fixed me with an accusing eye, and complained that he has never seen the fridge so bare. He obviously expects me to do something about that. As the summer holiday is approaching, I'm braced. He made do with cereal. I plan to stock up on a lot of cereal.

DH and I have thrown some ideas around and suspect that there are bats in the porch roof, at least for now. It's the right state of dilapidation, is undisturbed and it's a quiet household. The reason I think that they may not stay is because the porch heats up ridiculously hot over the summer. It's been pretty cold and autumnal so far, but the weather is supposed to warm up over the weekend. The porch is already like an oven, and in the hotter days (higher seventies for those in the US, over around 23C for the rest) the porch is more like a blowtorch. If they stay, though, I'm not going to complain as long as they don't keep coming in. There's something cool about having bat lodgers. 

Back to bear, his report came in late last night. He is predicted quite good grades (apart from English, of all things - his father has an English degree and I write books, but our child isn't rocking English. He may come out with a B!). I am most proud of the 'attitude to learning' score. A lot are around the 'at acceptable standards' but he has a few at 'above acceptable standards' and two at 'significantly above acceptable standards'. I am so proud of that. 

The bats may leave for the summer, but they may come back later. I feel like it may be another stormy winter. The berries seem to be very prolific this year. This is the rowan in Morrison's carpark and the bush whose name I don't know.

They seem very heavily laden.

I like snuggling down in the warm with DH and bear, all hanging out in the warm with the winter rain beating against the window. I don't enjoy driving in it though. 

Hugs and good health to all. 

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