Tuesday 20 July 2021


I'm still not doing well in the heat. I booked someone to come and fix the shower power pull, but they had to call back and cancel as the poor man was isolating. I've a suspicion that I know how to mend it. I would turn off the power at the mains, unscrew the plate, look for the hook, attach the cord, screw the plate back on and then switch the power back on. Regrettably it would mean that I would be quite high on a ladder above a bath, however, and that plus the risks of me getting it wrong means that we are definitely going to get a man in. 

At least it gives me time to get the bathroom sparkling. And that reminds me, I need to book the boiler service in as well.

I'm trying to take photos each day, just to get my eye in. I have some runner beans forming. I gave everything a very quick water this morning, and hope to go out again tonight if I don't flake out from the heat.

The pic was taken this morning, and has the unexpected bonus of lovely sunlight on leaves.

I'm getting plenty of washing in. I don't have a washing line, but I do have a clothes horse that I take out and keep well away from the bird food. And that reminds me. I need to get some more bird food out. I'll do that later when it's cooler. 

I really don't do well in the heat. I should add, the car was so hot for the afternoon school run that I thought I would burn my hands and changing gear hurt as the gear stick was so hot. I think I'll try putting a blanket over the windscreen and I hope that will cut down some of the potential burns. 

Writing stuff - a blast from the past, with a pic that I took! A poem from a few years ago is here

Hugs and good health to all. 

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