Monday 12 July 2021

Sort of Expected

We lost on penalties. I'm quite unsurprised. It was sort of a relief.

The roads were almost empty on the school run this morning, which was just as well. The driving conditions weren't good, with lots of spray and heavy rain. I know when I crossed over the motorway and looked down, you could hardly see the cars for spray. 

I picked up a few bits from Morrisons this morning and then drove home. My girly bits are not playing nicely. At my time of life they should be doing absolutely nothing. Unfortunately they haven't had the memo, so I'm feeling a little grim. But I managed to iron some shirts, get some washing and drying done and I'm working on some writing stuff. The case for my new phone came today, so I'm finally switching it all over.

I took pics with the old phone and the new phone, but as they're both synced to the same account, so I have no idea which is which. It's a pretty case, though. 

I've switched over alarms, copied over contacts (okay, the phone did it automatically when I set it up and I'm seriously grateful), and it's just about good to go. I think I will try and keep the kindle books on the other phone and keep that going until it dies.

Hugs and good health to all. 

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  1. i must admit that when offered HRT by my very young and enthusiastic health care professional she seemed most offended that i informed her i was more than happy that my lady bits were shrivelling and i was looking forward to my future as a crone . So glad all that crap is over