Thursday, 18 July 2019

Another Quiet Day

Did I mention the dead rat on the pavement next to the house yesterday? I've been on to the council, but now they charge for rat call outs. As we are not getting rats in the house (or if they are, they are ignoring the food left out), I think I'm going to have to prune the garden right back and leave them nowhere to hide, and see what happens. I'm waiting to make a start on the hard stuff after the rain forecast this weekend.

It will be easier after next weekend. Bear's last day of school is tomorrow and it's a sports day (parents not invited). I'm actually looking forward to it as I will be driving to a new place with its own challenges. I am, of course, terrified of parking there, but I'm fairly confident that I can find the way. Apparently it gets incredibly busy, so I plan to go to pick up ridiculously early and take my knitting. I think bear is ready for the break.

Writing stuff - I got into a very chunky book, Dread Uprising, which is an Urban Fantasy book. I don't know the author, although I messaged them to let them know I had written a review. It wasn't in the first person, it wasn't in the present tense and had some awesome action scenes. It was also long, about four times the average Urban Fantasy book, which was nice to get my teeth into. I also liked the background. If you read a book that is new(ish), then it can really help an author if you leave a review, especially if it is a good one, so I hope that this helps them. Review here.

Hugs to all.


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