Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Must be the Weather

I am still tired, so I'm plotting an early night. Bear is also planning. I'm giving him a budget and letting him decide what art supplies he is going to indulge in. To be fair to bear, he's colour blind and can't draw, but he's enthusiastic and that counts for a lot. I think he's found a dozen ways to spend his pocket money, and he's still making calculations. It's a good life lesson for him.

Wherethejourneytakesme - the 160 pencils all have names. I haven't read them. I would be surprised at nothing.

The people at the back have an interesting life. You can hear hollow bangs, doors slamming and lots of shouting. I ignore it a lot.

Today's school run was far too exciting. Between ambulances, tractors and crazed, white van drivers,  I'm surprised I got home in one piece. That may be one explanation of why I'm so tired. I think I will have another early night. 

Hugs to all.

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