Saturday, 27 July 2019

Better Weather

It's wet and comparatively cold - much better weather for me. I've had windows and curtains open and it's really made a difference. The house feels a lot fresher.

Bear and I have spent some time sorting out various stuff in his room, and what with one thing and another, DH has made two trips to the tip.

We have also spent some time hanging out and watching episodes of 'Still Open All Hours' and it's been good. It started off slow, but has been getting funnier and funnier and reminding me of 'Last of the Summer Wine'.

For the first time in a long while we had a Chinese Takeaway and bear worked his magic - we got a discount because he was so polite. Bear manages to charm a lot of people. He even got extra spring rolls.

Speaking of bear, he's having a lot of fun with comparative shopping. He's been looking at sets of pens and pencils that are over £100 for a few dozen and finding out where to find them at the best price. For those interested, Cult Pens seems to be coming out ahead in the least expensive of the ridiculously expensive pen stakes. We are being very clear, bear is paying for any writing implements himself. He's trying to find ways of making money, which isn't easy when you're 12. I'm willing to tip over for some things. I plan to get my car vacuumed at the car wash, but I said that bear could do that and I'd pay bear what I would pay to the car wash. It hasn't happened yet, and I'll see how thing goes. I like that he wants to earn money, but it may be that he has faced the truth that I've told him that we don't have too much excess money to give him. As usual, I'm leaving him to it.

Hugs to all.

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