Friday, 12 July 2019

Made it to the End of the Week

Bear got his 'A2L' or Attitude to Learning report for this term. It was okay. Two of his subjects had  the top score, which is 4 * aka awesome. None of his scores were below acceptable. So that's pretty good. 5 out of 13 were 'as it should be' and the rest were 'not quite awesome but pretty good'.

His standard wasn't shown in detail, but he's doing okay or better in everything except Art (which I hope will improve over the summer, but I'm not stressing), RE (which I never thought would be his subject) and PE (and he hasn't been able to take part for loads of lessons because of the dratted knee). So pretty pleased with bear.

Today was full of complicated driving. There seemed to be a lot of awkward bits, including the part where I made totally the wrong call, avoided the road works, got stuck in a traffic jam and got home nearly half an hour later than normal. I managed to make room for a very small walk where I sat on a log to eat a yogurt with all the birdsong around me. It was a pretty clean log, so I didn't get ants in my pants.

I felt really restored afterwards.

Writing stuff - the latest from the White Hart is here. I'm having far too much fun writing it.

Hugs to all

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