Sunday, 21 July 2019


Today I had a little spin locally. I was so proud of myself, as I parked really well in McDonalds (bear asked really nicely) and Aldi. It was the closest Aldi, rather than my regular, and I took advantage of it's smaller size by whizzing quicky round. It was bear, actually, who was doing the whizzing, as he had control of the trolley.

Bear enjoyed his McDonalds but said he was unimpressed by their construction skills. I felt like a proper blogger when I took a photo of his food.

But it went down well enough. I just had a hot chocolate as I recovered from pulling perfectly into a parking spot - head first! I also reversed out really well, so I felt quite smug when I got home. I still haven't got the hang of parking, but it's still only been a few months. I suppose I'll get there.

We are looking at a heatwave here. Locally it could get as hot as 29 C or around 85 F. To those reading who are used to that being on the cool side, bear with me. We would normally consider low twenties C or low to mid 70s F as warm enough, and our homes are not set up for anything more. I've got some fans from last year, and I picked up some ice cube trays from Aldi. I've planned for some salads over the next few days and I hope to get the lined curtains made, which will help keep out the heat.

Hugs to all.

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