Tuesday, 2 July 2019


It may be only Tuesday, but I will be glad when it gets to the weekend. I am so tired and I have so much to do. Not least, there is a pile of washing that is growing larger than me!

Today I took the car to the car wash. I should wash it myself, but the chances of doing that without grief from neighbours are limited, so I invested £6 in a wash and vac. They did a great job, and Red is now sparkling and bright. I'm surprised they managed to get rid of all the rubbish left by bear and co. And the first thing that they did when they got in the car was start eating! I hope the spray of air freshener has worn off by tomorrow morning, though, as it gave me a headache.

I've also washed DH's gym kit in the bath. It wasn't muddy or anything, and I'm using a good quality washing liquid, so I stuck with 'good enough for once' and made sure I rinsed it well.

Writing stuff - I set up next week's writing prompt, finished next Friday's instalment from the White Hart and did some research as well as some reading. I also finished my response to this week's writing prompt and you can read it here.  If you are interested in having a go, check out the prompt here, but there's no pressure. There will be another one next Monday.

Now I can finally get the gym kit out of the dryer and stagger up to bed! Hugs to all.

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