Monday, 29 July 2019

Not a Great Start to the Week

We went to Headingley. Not only is it the home to a massive cricket stadium which hosts internationals and a gazillion charity shops, it is also has an arts supply shop. Bear requested we made a visit.

From leaving the house to parking the car in Headingley, a trip that should perhaps take ten or twenty minutes, took an hour and a half. Some of it was getting lost. I took the same wrong turn twice - once on the way there and once on the way back. I practiced reversing a lot as I kept finding myself on the wrong road and having to make three point turns. I completely failed in the multi storey car park as well. I thought it was closed when we get there but bear disputes that. In fact, bear had quite a lot to say on the journey.

The art supply was a great disappointment to bear. He said it was overpriced compared to other places, and I think he just didn't like the place. We decided to go and get a drink, possibly a snack, at a place which was also a sewing workshop that will allow you to use it as a workshop space, complete with plugs for the sewing machine, for £5 per hour. That was not a success for us either. Bear's lemonade was deeply unpleasant, according to him, and the hot chocolate I had was pleasant enough, but quite 'artisan' with a bitter tang, and the mug it came in didn't have a handle. It was a beautiful piece of pottery and there were some beautiful designs there. Unfortunately, while they did sell some supplies, they didn't sell the elastic that I wanted to get from there. We got some from Wilkos in the end. We need the elastic because bear doesn't want to pay the extortionate amount for the fancy pencil rolls so we are going to be working with fabric, glue, staples, thread and cardboard to make our own version.

I got lost when I took him to a violin thing and ended up parallel parking for the first time since I past my test - uphill! I did it. I was glad to get home to get cracking on another round of rice salad.

Writing stuff - if you are interested in the writing prompt, this week's prompt is here. The challenge is to write 500 words (I never check, so more or less) of fiction, non fiction, poetry or whatever you like that is sparked by the pic and the quote. They don't have to actually refer to the pic/quote, as they are a jumping off point for your imagination. If you feel comfortable, you can share the writing by leaving a link in the comments. The only hard and fast rule is that you should have fun. The prompt is here. Hugs to all.

Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash 

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