Sunday 3 December 2023

I Finished a Project!

I finished the keyhole scarf that was part of the hat and scarf kit.

It was a close thing. Normally I cast off a row before I need to as I have no faith. This time I ran out of yarn as I cast off.

Fortunately I'd kept the scrap left from finishing the hat, so I joined new yarn for literally five more stitches! There was only a few inches left from the 150g and I'm really happy about it. 

I didn't get out much today. I'd booked a delivery because, according to the weather forecast, it shouldn't be too bad and I went out of the door to get that from the garden. I felt a little bad as I had consulted the weather forecast and today wasn't supposed to be too bad here. This morning it looked like this.

A lot of it had melted by the time the delivery arrived and we gritted the path but I still felt a little guilty. But at least I got out a little and I didn't feel bad that I didn't go out more. 

We spent the day hanging out together and DH and bear made an amazing home made battered fish with baked potatoes and fresh green pea puree. 

I've got the sheets printed off for tomorrow and some notes about plans, so I'm feeling quite good about things. I'll see how I go tomorrow. If I get a tiny bit done, I'll be pleased. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. The scarf looks great! Well done! Not only did you finish the project, you also just managed with the yarn!
    Wow, look at all that snow! Even the puddle in the middle of your road has been covered over! :D The meal your DH and bear made sounds delicious!

    1. Thank you!
      DH and bear spent around five days planning, two shopping trips and an afternoon of cooking, made something amazing and had really good Dad-and-son time. That's beyond price.

  2. That looks like a lovely finish! Snow. Sigh. It's not fun to drive in at all.