Monday, 11 January 2016

Bear is Being Bear

Bear is being very bear.  We had an in depth discussion about his trousers, of all things.  Yesterday I ironed a pair of his trousers and noticed a small hole, a little puncture in the fabric up around the top of the legs.  The edges were fraying and I thought it was beyond my ability to mend.  I sent him in to school with the fervent hope that no-one else would notice, as it was hard to spot unless you were looking at the flat fabric.
'Why didn't you tell me about the hole in your trousers?' I asked.
'What hole?'
'That hole.'
'Oh, that's been there ages,' bear said airly, 'And no-one's noticed.'
'I noticed.'
'But not for ages.  It's fine.'
'It's not fine.' I said.  'I've got you a replacement pair.'

Bear reluctantly accepted that.  He wasn't so keen on learning that the sweater I was wearing was indeed green.  The teacher had helpfully pointed out to bear that I was there, wearing the green sweater.  It is a tasteful shade of pale sage.  Bear was adamant that it was grey.

What with the study being different due to furniture being moved, and the insistence that the homework is done, bear was not impressed.  Thank goodness he has maths tomorrow.  That will cheer him up.

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