Tuesday, 5 January 2016

What Bear Says

This afternoon I picked bear up from school and asked him if they had done PE.  He said he had, it was dance and he had loved it.
'I can sign you up for dance classes,' I said.
Bear looked at me deadpan.  'Never'.  He has very clear views on this.

I had a fail and mistook the day taking bear to his maths tutor.  On the way back we spotted a large rat racing around near the houses.  'That looks so cute!' bear said.  'Can I have a pet rat.'  I am not going to have a talk about rats with him, especially as I suspect he was winding me up.  The appalled horror we had with the dead rat last summer seemed a lot more likely.  We are not getting a pet rat either.  I am sure that many people have cute, lovely, intelligent pet rats.  We are not going to be one of them.  If we are getting anything it is a cat.  Even this is looking unlikely.

Now I am settling down to recharge.  Tomorrow I have to clear everything out to make space for the new tumble dryer that is coming on Friday.  It's not so much the space that holds the tumble dryer.  It's moving the table and chairs and stuff and making sure that there is enough turning space when they come through the kitchen.  While I'm at it and there are people actually coming over to the house I may as well do a bit of a clean.  It was high on the list to be sorted anyway, especially now the stash of presents is out of the way.  There is always a bright side.

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  1. Glad to hear that you are getting a new dryer. It would be hard to manage to dry laundry in wet weather without a dryer. Please don't overdo things, trying to clean up before the dryer arrives. You are supposed to be resting your leg!