Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Day Two is Not Awesome

I started Day Two with the best will in the world.  I stripped the beds and got the washing going, called in at Matalan, swished the bathroom and started the kitchen.

I stayed on the computer from 10am because I didn't want to miss the knock on the door from the delivery.  Some of them are very quiet indeed.  As luck would have it the delivery didn't get here until nearly eleven and I didn't manage much at all.  Then I carried on attacking the kitchen.  I was supposed to have my hair cut at 12 but the hairdresser was poorly.  I wish I had known earlier, but they didn't have a number for me.  As it is twenty yards from my home I never thought to leave a number but I've left one now.

Then I sorted the cupboard under the sink.  That took some time.  I made sure that I dug out all the stuff from the walk in cupboard as well.  Unfortunately when I started to dispose of the stuff in squishy bottles, the stuff I couldn't remember buying and the stuff that I was never going to use I came over all peculiar.  Don't mix household chemicals.  I had used an outside drain but I still felt very woozy.  It could have been a lot worse.  I went for a sit down afterwards and went on eBay so it could have been a lot worse.  I don't think I've bought anything.

I cleaned out the fridge, though there wasn't much to throw as I am quite good.  However I didn't pull the fridge out and vacuum the back.  I'll do that on the next rotation.  Tomorrow is defrosting the freezer.  I was quite pleased that I found a spray of defrosting stuff in the cupboard under the sink.  It is more necessary than ever.  The freezer door was left ajar from this morning.  I am not sure if something caught or that the failing seal is getting worse.  I could have cried.  I ended up using the sausages at the front for dinner instead of the meal plan.

Bear missed his maths lesson as his awesome tutor was unable to meet, and DH is out unexpectedly.  Nothing has worked out since the delivery.  It's not bad.  It could be far, far worse.  It just isn't awesome.

I am going to see what state the frozen food is in tomorrow.  I suspect that a lot of the stuff at the back didn't defrost and what did defrost stayed very cold.  I also suspect that the defrost/re-freeze of stuff may make it tasteless rather than give us food poisoning, as the freezer was still trying to freeze.  I think I may consider bringing forward a new freezer.  I have been muttering about it for a while, but I had hoped not to have to spend out for a while, especially having just bought a tumble dryer.

Microwave, then tumble dryer, then possibly freezer.  Things are supposed to go in threes.  I wish I could afford it.


  1. Between the car and the chimney and the flu, I know what you mean! PLEASE don't overdo it though - and be careful with the chemicals - that sounds scary. Hugs xx

  2. I'm sorry the day didn't turn out as awesome as you would have liked it to have. But, I do think that maybe you are trying to do too much. I suggest do one cleaning/organizing project a day, and, if time and energy permits, doing a second one.

    Hope your freezer is OK and you don't need to replace it yet.