Monday, 4 January 2016

Just About Made It!

Yesterday there was panic.  I could not find bear's swim kit anywhere.  I spent most of yesterday prodded cupboards, drawers, lifting throws (we have a very layered house) and looking behind things.  It should have been in one of two places.  It wasn't.  It was after midnight before I unearthed it.  The dratted thing had slipped down between two boxes that had held Christmas presents and then got caught in the general shifting of things when I was digging the gifts out a few weeks ago.

I also had to scrape together bear's PE kit that was washed on the day it came home and then forgotten.  I also remembered his lunch money, which was a miracle, and I had kept his book bag in sight for the whole of the Christmas break.

It feels very, very quiet now.  Bear is at school, DH is at work, and there is no sound from the neighbours.  The house looks like it has been under direct attack from the mess goblins, so I need to make a start.  I'll make it slowly, my leg is v bad still.


  1. Quite glad here that we have one more day of respite before the girls go back to school. Two have gone for a day out to York on the train, and one is desperately trying to catch up on the homework that she hasn't touched all holiday!

  2. Hope you are not overdoing things when you should be resting your leg.