Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Still thinking

Thanks for all the suggestions about the duvet cover as curtain thought experiment.  I shall continue to think.

Today I have pootled very slowly.  My leg is still sore and I suppose I ought to see the doctor again.  However I have been watching 'Hoarders' and trying to work out putting together a throw I wanted to do.  It's layers of a duvet cover (there's a theme developing) with some old sheets in strips and all sort of raggedy.  It's a challenge getting it pinned as I want.  It is getting nearer to coming off the list, though, and starting to get rid of the backlog of projects.

Hope it is not too slippy here tomorrow.  Some parts of the world, and some parts of this county, can be knee deep in snow and carry on fine.  This morning there was a tiny hint of frost and some small slippery patches here and I was walking like a duck again.  I need to get over this.  Bear thought it was great fun, I will be glad when the cold snap goes.

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  1. Have you any pictures of that throw you want to do ? sounds interesting.