Sunday, 10 January 2016

In Trouble With Bear

Actually, bear is in trouble with me, but he doesn't see it quite like that.

I went in to the study to start clearing stuff away for the evening and not only was the electric fire left on but the curtain was hanging off the hooks.   Bear said he had nothing to do with it, was completely unaware that anything had happened and could not be held responsible as he had been either playing football or playing on the computer.  I pointed out that he sat next to the curtain when he played on the computer.  Bear was quite clear, he hadn't done anything and he hadn't seen anything.  It wasn't fair.

It is plausible that one of his pals who was in earlier could have pulled the curtain open and tugged the wrong way so that the hooks came out.  However I refuse to believe that bear didn't notice it.  Half the curtain is hanging down and it looks a right mess.  He is grounded, he is not happy and feels the victim of deep injustice.  I may be sulked at.

Tomorrow I will be up and down step ladders.  The curtain poles are around ten foot off the ground.  I need to shorten them and sort out the mess that father made when he hung them all those years ago.

The bright side, and there is always a bright side, is that I will be sitting as I shorten the curtains and I plan to carry on watching tv as I do.

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