Saturday, 2 January 2016

Bear is So Advanced

Bear is so advanced.  He has only just turned nine and is slamming the door like a teenager after we had the absolute gall to ask him to close the door to keep down drafts.  The slam sounded like a thorough explosion.

To be honest, I am seriously considering googling how to reinforce a door frame.  The door is one which will be prone to slamming as it is between the living room, where DH and I hang out, and the study, where bear's computer is.  It is an odd part of the wall, just barely wide enough to take the door and sandwiched between the stairs and the outside wall and I am worried it won't take the strain.

Of course bear got called back and had to apologise.  I don't expect it made much impact.  I have read about people taking doors off hinges to deal with serious door slammers, but it wouldn't work the same here.

I hope it will be a while before this becomes a regular feature.

1 comment:

  1. I suggest moving his computer to the living room. That way, his opportunity to slam the door closed will be minimized and, as a bonus, you can keep an eye on any websites he might be visiting, especially as he gets older.