Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Darn it to Heck and then Darn it Again

And drat.  And poot.  And another darn.  The tumble drier has stopped working.

I can work round this.  Lots of people manage very well without one.  However they usually get things set up so it is easy to dry stuff.  I will now spend today rummaging, sorting, fiddling and keeping it all crossed that I can get stuff dry.  Everything is set up on the assumption that I can tumble dry, including yesterday's delivery of random bedding.  Sigh.  It would happen in a very wet English winter.

Bless - The magazine is 'The Art of Quilting' and you get a magazine each week with the materials and instructions to make a block of the quilt.  You also get instructions for another project and some articles.  If you get all the magazines and follow all the instructions and get it right you end up with a quilt.  It's an expensive way of doing it, but I heard it calling my name as I called into the newsagents and I failed to resist.  Also I am not resting my leg as I should, I suppose.  I think I need to snap out of my pity party.

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  1. Thank you for the link to the magazine. It looks like a great quilting magazine! You get the patterns and instructions for all the projects, plus the fabric for the quilt top included in the price of the magazine. For 99p per copy, that sees quite reasonable to me. Good luck with the cutting and sewing. I'm sure you'll do fine. :)