Sunday, 17 January 2016

Bear is Unobservant

It's actually a relief when bear misses something.  Today he missed that it had started snowing before bedtime and it wasn't until 9am that he realised there was white stuff everywhere.  He and the little girl from next door but one had a marvellous time.  The snow has almost gone now, but I dare say there will be ice enough tomorrow.  I am very nervous about that, but bear has to get to school.  He has a swimming lesson and I have promised to look into him going to a club - when it is warmer!

I have stuck to the meal plan today, it was roast and I got it in the oven in time.  I bought one of the 'easy cook' frozen joints as I planned to keep it for a while so it was the most sensible way of getting the chicken joint.  It turned out rather bigger than I expected so tomorrow's cheese soup is now cold meat and potatoes.


  1. What fun to play in the snow! And then, come home to a roast chicken dinner! And how nice that the meal plan is working out and giving you enough, on some days, for the next day's dinner, as well. It will mean more time for you to work on your quilt (dare I ask how that's coming along?)

  2. I don't usually comment but I love reading about the antics of your Bear. :)