Friday, 15 January 2016

Top Tip

I have worn out a pair of washing up gloves.  A new pair came in the delivery today.

Did you know that you can slice across a rubber glove to make rubber bands?  You can cut across the cuff and palm bit for long bands and across the fingers for small ones.

I didn't bother.  Not only do I have a stash from when the postman has delivered but I can't remember the last time I used a rubber band.  I am in a house drowning in stuff.  If I somehow need a rubber band, I will use one of the eleventy ten that are already hanging around, improvise or just go out and buy some.  The rubber gloves went into the bin.

I am in enough bother with the dratted cds without hanging on to more stuff.  Top Tip - do not hang on to stuff just for the sake of it.

Just to prove me wrong - 52 Uses for Rubber Bands

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  1. Of course I had to read all 52 uses for rubberbands!