Friday, 29 January 2016


There is a lot of weather.  I shall be glad when things are a little calmer.

Today has been limp so far.  I've pottered round a very, very little and I've drained the deep fat fryer.  I think I shall just get rid of it, we haven't used it for over a year so it is just taking up counter space.

I am about to spend an absolute fortune on eBay, but it is stuff that is really quite important to me and so I'll go for it and sit on my hands for the rest of the month.  I've already got all the kit to make new curtains for the living room  (one is done), the study and my bedroom.  I don't need new curtains as there is no way anyone can see through the window but father bought them.  He ignored me telling him that they were 76 inch drop, bought the 72 inch drop and the gap at the bottom is a permanent prickle.  I could just let the hem down.  It would just about be okay, especially if I sewed fringe or ribbon on it, but father's taste had a rare journey away from 1953 and intead he went for 1967 style blue spots.  Fortunately I don't spend much time looking at them.

Bless  I love the sound of English piecing.  I think I've seen it done and thought it looked lovely and calming.  You can even get the pre-cut paper pieces on eBay, which seems cheating but I have absolutely no confidence in my ability to cut things out.  However the magazine is driving me with this.  Every week you get some pieces of fabric, the templates to cut out and stick onto card and instructions for an American style quilt block.  If you do them all (and it is looking like a far off dream to me at the moment) you end up with a double sized, American pieced quilt.  There are eighty blocks, shown here.  There is a rather scathing article about it here, but I am doing it for the help in working it out as much as anything else.

Yesterday my crafting success was with knitting.  Bear was at the awesome maths tutor and I take it as an hour to keep knitting.  I got quite a bit done and found it so soothing.  It was just as well.  The journey home was beyond awful, with massive gridlock and diversions all the way through the city centre that looped back on themselves.  There were times when we felt the car shake with the wind, it was incredibly unnerving.  I'll make home made soup for dinner tonight - I think we all need it!

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  1. It's hard to tell from the pictures of the magazine, but it looks like the templates come with both a cutting line and a sewing line? That makes it easier, I think. Maybe do a few practice pieces first with some of the scrap fabric you have on hand - leftovers from cutting out your duvet covers, etc. It will get easier as you go along and get the hang of it.