Saturday, 16 January 2016

Meal Plan Fail

The meal plan lasted five hours before it failed.  I haven't made the souffle.  Actually, I am still going to try and stick to it, this is just a blip.  It is a reminder to me that if I want to make sweetcorn souffle I need to not only leave enough time but I also need to make sure I have sweetcorn in.  After all that fuss we are having sophisticated potato waffles, spam and baked beans.  Tomorrow I am going to do the roast planned.

I am actually quite proud of the potential meal plan.  It may have suffered a blip tonight, but it is sensible and I set it out with an eye to what was happening next week - and there is lots!  I am just covering the main bits at the moment, but I can add.

I am also quite proud that I have finally moved the combination microwave which I have been meaning to do for weeks.  It was just a matter of moving and extending the kitchen table and shifting things around.  I just did it.  However I now think I may need a different kitchen table.  This one I got cheap a few years ago for £35.  It is wobbly with the combi microwave on, though, so I may need to rethink things.

Tomorrow I have to bake.  Bear is insisting.

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  1. No, no, you didn't have a meal plan fail; you just fine tuned it and made an adjustment! That's allowed. You had an alternate menu instead of what you had originally planned! As for the wobbly table, try rubber bands - I think I read that one of the 52 uses included steadying wobbly items. :)