Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Do Not Mix Household Chemicals

I should know better.  I really should know better.  Feeling a little odd as I type as I have just been pouring ends of cleaners down an outside drain (I had that much sense).  Katherine Berry warns against it, school chemistry teachers warn against it, I really should have not been carried away.  Do not mix household cleaners.  You can end up with the sort of mix that they used as mustard gas in WWI.  I am just gently floating.  I will keep an eye on things.

I have six oven cleaners under the sink.  I also have a dirty oven.  This will make sense when I have had a little more fresh air.  

I am going to have a little sit down and make no decisions that involve money.

1 comment:

  1. Try to get some fresh air, if possible, and definitely take it easy! Hope you feel better soon.