Friday, 8 January 2016


Sorry about the pity party last night and thank you for your good wishes.  The leg is still sore, but I am optimistic that it will pick up.  

I have a new tumble dryer.  The delivery men were in and out at lightning speeds and I was left to do the unpacking.  I was good with that, actually, as it meant less time for them to notice the wreck of my kitchen and dining room.

I feel very guilty about what I have put bear through.  Yes, he had an awesome time going into work with his father, but he had been told his dad was picking him up and had guessed it was because I was in hospital.  He was so casual about just checking again, and again, and again, that it was okay.

The living and dining room are going to be staying a wreck.  I need to slowly reclaim the study so that it is fit for bear's first piano lesson of the year.  

The diffusers are working.  I get a gentle waft whenever I walk past.  I am happy with them.  

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  1. Glad you have your new tumble dryer. Hope you are able to unpack and install, too. Sorry Bear had to go through the trauma of having his mother in hospital - that must upset his sense of security, especially after the loss of his grandfather, but children are resilient. A few hugs and cuddles and reassurances and he'll be banging shut doors again, in no time! (((Hugs))) and take care of yourself.