Thursday, 28 January 2016

Considering the Plan

This 30 day to a Clean and Organised Home is, in my opinion, worth a shot.  However I am finding it a challenge at the moment.  For example, as part of the daily cleaning routine I am supposed to have a quick sweep of the kitchen floor 'if it needs it'.  I can't find the kitchen floor.  It is covered with bin bags of rubbish generated as I clear through and dirty laundry that I am scouring the house for as per instructions.  The ironing is out of control and my leg hurts.

On the other hand, while I haven't followed the plan for Day Three yet, I am still working.  I'm tackling a lot of stuff of father's that I rather abandoned a few months ago.  Now I am faced with the tools.  I hardly ever use a tool, neither does DH, and I am reluctant to give bear an option at the moment.  The charity shop will certainly benefit or the church bring and buy sale.  I've already filled some bags for both of those destinations.

I have also cleared out my tins cupboard and listed it.  I definitely should not be doing it now according to the Plan, but I need places to put things.  I can see a few more cupboards being sorted out in the same way - not because it is the plan, but I've got to put something somewhere.  I suppose I am doing the Pre-Plan.

One of the targets of Day Three is to sort out 'a' junk drawer.  I would love to have just 'a' junk drawer.  At times I feel I have a junk house.  I may reframe this lull as 'clearing out the junk drawers, cupboards and rooms'.

I'm still feeling positive.

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  1. As long as you are getting things done, I think that's a success. Decluttering first is important. One can't organize and clean until there has been some decluttering beforehand. Take 30 days to declutter and then, do the 30 days of organizing and cleaning. By the way, you have inspired me to tackle my kitchen, this week!